Jokey Solution Packaging

Meanwhile, Jokey supplies the entire cup range of the traditional manufacturer Saxon and Dresdner Baking and Confectionary GmbH. The main product, the nut nougat cream Nudossi, now appears in a modern look.

Since 1923, Saxon Baking and Confectionary GmbH stands for fine chocolates and pastries. The top products include Christstollen the Vadossi brand and the chocolate hazelnut cream, Nudossi. The cream with 36 percent hazelnut content is available in different sizes. The 200g package is bottled in the JETB 220, 1000g in the JETB 11.

As part of a relaunch, the 400 g package will now be given a new packaging design: the JSP 1415 is a small package from the Jokey Solution Packaging series. It has flattened side surfaces. The design moves away from the usual, completely round cup shape and is pleasing with a sleek, modern appearance. "The new packaging design significantly upgrades our product.