Uzin Utz and Jokey Group conserve resources

Jointly promoting the circular economy through sustainable packaging

The Uzin Utz Group, a globally active full-range supplier of flooring systems, is joining forces with the Jokey Group, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging, to strengthen the circular economy by contributing to sustainable packaging. Jokey has been supplying the company based in the Danube valley for over 20 years. During this time, the proportion of recycled plastics in the containers supplied has increased to almost 100 %.

Both Jokey and Uzin Utz have been pursuing a progressively developing sustainability policy for more than three decades. While Jokey launched the first recycled bucket for non-food in 1991, Uzin Utz introduced the first generation of environmentally friendly adhesives as early as 1980. This was followed by the introduction of the first low-emission adhesives under the UZIN eco line in 1997. Finally, in 2020, the company switched completely to packaging made from 100 % recycled material. These efforts also include the buckets made by Jokey from 50% PCR and 50% PIR. These are post-consumer recyclates (PCR) from household collections and post-industrial recyclates (PIR) from industrial waste. The high-quality containers are robust and retain their shape and are fully recyclable even after use.

Uzin Utz as a pioneer

Jokey's sustainable buckets have already been used at Uzin Utz since 2016. With this composition, 35.11 % of CO2 is saved per container compared to virgin material. This figure increased again last year, because the 100% PCR variant has been in use for selected Uzin Utz products since autumn 2021. The conversion of further products to this container variant will follow successively. The increase in used plastics from household collections does not remain unnoticed in the CO2 balance: per container, the saving compared to virgin material is now 36.53%. Since the gradual conversion to 100% PCR, a total of about 56 tonnes of CO2 have already been saved - and this figure will continue to rise.

Packaging as a sustainable purchase promise

Nowadays, the topic of climate protection is omnipresent which is why Uzin Utz has also firmly anchored it in its sustainability strategy. All activities are aligned with the four pillars of Products & Services, People, Planet and Profit. Planet focuses on the careful use of the environment and resources. In this regard, Uzin Utz focuses on the continuous optimisation of processes and the use of market-leading technologies. The intensive consideration of the topic of circular economy is also part of this. "The use of packaging made from almost 100 percent recycled material is a logical step for Uzin Utz, especially as consumers increasingly perceive product and packaging as a unit. Both must be designed to be as sustainable as possible. We fulfil this requirement in such a way", explains Philipp Utz, member of the board of Uzin Utz. "At the same time, our guidelines in terms of sustainability are designed to be continuously developed and improved. After all, a sustainable company must be open to new impulses and needs visions," Philipp Utz continues.

Michael Schmitz from Jokey also expressly welcomes the decision: "We are pleased that more and more of our customers are using recycled containers for their non-food products. With this, they are making a responsible contribution to the circular economy and at the same time strengthening their green profile in terms of public perception. It is important to further expand our leadership role also in close cooperation with our customers."


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