Jokey supports geTon initiative

Used plastic packaging is a valuable raw material. It is recycled in the yellow bin. As secondary raw materials, it can thus become packaging again. The Yellow Bin Initiative (geTon) promotes the sensible use of plastics and the organisation of an efficient circular economy. Jokey is one of its supporters.

The idea that used plastic packaging is not worthless waste, but a source of raw materials still requires a change in thinking among a great number of people - not only among consumers, but also among politicians, associations and companies. This is what geTon, an alliance of packaging industry companies, brand manufacturers, retailers, dual systems and recycling companies, is working to achieve. The common goal is the resource-saving use of plastic - from the manufacturing process to recycling technology.

At the beginning of February, the European Parliament demanded from the Commission to make improvements on the “Action Plan for the Circular Economy": among other things, product or sector specific binding targets for the share of recycled materials are to be set without delay. Thus, the necessity of material recycling of packaging waste in a functioning circular system has once again come into focus. Moreover, the ongoing Corona pandemic has repeatedly shown that Europe needs to act more independently in raw material procurement and creating added value - the circular economy offers a great opportunity to do so.

Jokey – Pioneer for sustainable packaging

Jokey has been processing secondary raw materials (recyclate) from post-consumer collections to produce new packaging for non-food sectors since the early 1990s. Initiatives such as "Grey is the New Green" and membership of the RAL Quality Association for Recyclates from Household Recycling Collections have sent out signals to the public in recent years. An increasing number of Jokey customers are "switching over" to recycled packaging. The Jokey Eco Concept 2.0 stands for recyclable packaging - from production to 100% recyclability. "Our packaging contributes to closing the material cycles by means of collection and recycling systems provided that their possibilities are fully used," emphasises Michael Schmitz, Head of Marketing and Communication at Jokey.

Education on sustainability - the earlier, the better

In order for this to succeed, Michael Schmitz would like to see a differentiated public perception and discussion around the topic of plastics. This is another reason why Jokey supports the geTon initiative, most recently by sponsoring a digital educational programme of the Junior Uni in Wuppertal. This is aimed specifically at young people with video formats on waste separation, recycling and the circular economy. "For some time now, we have also been focusing on providing more information to our customers and partners, but also to the general public," explains Michael Schmitz. "The earlier and more playful environmental education and information on sustainability begins, the more natural it becomes to integrate appropriate behaviour into everyday life.  

Claudia Fasse, press spokesperson for the geTon initiative, also emphasises the importance of joint efforts by all stakeholders for the sustainable use of plastics and a functioning circular economy. "The geTon initiative is particularly pleased that a family-owned company like Jokey is showing how to manufacture recyclable products and thus be one of the first to take responsibility for its corporate actions. To close the circular loops, the so-called extended product responsibility expects the distributors to ask themselves already in the marketing department what will become of the packaging of their product one day. In the meantime, more and more consumers also want to know this - and create a demand that is directed towards a sustainable future."

Michael Schmitz

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