Jokey Technical Service

Support for every step of the way.

The Jokey Technical Service makes sure that our packaging runs smoothly and efficiently at our customers' filling plants. The range of services include set up on the line, process optimization, laboratory tests and advice on purchasing.

The Jokey Technical Service assists our customers if processes such as de-stacking, guiding, filling, sealing, capping and palletization need to be optimized. For example, it is available during a test run with new packaging or if a product is changed. If there are problems, either the packaging or the filling line is adjusted. As the head manager for the Jokey Machine Service, Dirk Börsch has many years of experience with filling processes. He works in close coordination with leading manufacturers of filling machines and sealing films. When choosing machines, he is also a competent contact person for customers in the fields of sealing technology or with quality and hygiene management.

During product development, the Jokey Technical Service functions as a link between the customer, machine manufacturer, R&D and quality assurance. Custom mould projects are already checked for their workability by the Jokey Technical Service in the development stage. The best possible cooperation between the packaging and plant can be tested by Jokey in advance in the laboratory machine.

Jokey Technical Service

Dirk Börsch

Phone +49 (0) 2267 685 - 1264