The Jokey Group

A global, customer-driven, family-owned company.

The Jokey Group has stood for outstanding expertise in plastic injection moulding for 50 years. We are one of the leading manufacturers in plastic packaging worldwide. We have 15 production plants in 12 countries and supply customers in 80 different countries. In 2017, our 2,000 Jokey employees generated a turnover of around €455 million. 

Through innovation, the latest technology and sustainability – for half a century Jokey has been setting the standards in its industry. Our fast-growing company development and professional training have already won multiple awards. 

The Jokey Group is located in Wipperfürth, Germany. Shareholders of the holding company are members of the Kemmerich family who manage the company in the second and third generation.

Business divisions

Accomplished plastic packaging expertise.

Jokey International

At home worldwide.


The basis for stability and success.

The Jokey Group is a family business. It is focussed on the values of a family of entrepreneurs who together injected their commitment, solidity and reliability into establishing a successful group of companies. These values are palpable and embodied in all areas of the company.


Jokey is unpretentious, restrained and honest. We apply the principle: “With ownership comes responsibility”. We reinvest our profits in the company and we are proud of our high equity ratio. We are humble and genuine in how we act. We are frank and sympathetic to our fellow human beings. We are a partner our customers can trust.

Respectful honesty

We strive towards open and honest communication. We always consider and value others. Errors motivate us to improve for the future. Through respectful honesty, we offer our employees valuable scope for creativity.

Quality and expertise

Our desire for quality and experience is an ongoing process. It begins with simple things such as cleanliness and order – and ends with the continual optimisation of the technical and personal skills of each and every employee, manager and shareholder.

Social responsibility

As a family-owned company, we recognise our responsibility. We pursue a sustainable, long-term strategy. We ensure maximum environmental sustainability for our products and their manufacture. We accept responsibility for the well-being of our employees and support the regions in which they live. We value integrity and we believe in fair market competition.



Continuity guaranteed.

From left to right: 

Peter Dörmbach - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Ralf Kemmerich - Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Managing Partner
Jens Stadter - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Christof Kölschbach - Chief Sales Officer (CSO)


5 decades of growth and innovation.

It all began in 1968 in Fähnrichstüttem bei Wipperfürth, in Bergisches Land: Josef Kemmerich started the production of plastic buckets for the filling industry in a 200 metre square factory with two second-hand injection machines and nine employees. He named the company "Jokey Plastik" after the first letters of his names. Three years later his sons, Karl-Heinz, Egon, Werner and Herbert, came on board. The new company grew rapidly. Jokey expanded throughout Germany and abroad and brought successful products such as the Jokey-Euro-Tainer to the market. Today, the Jokey Group is an international market leader in the packaging industry.

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  • 6-time recipient of EU awards as one of the fastest-growing European company: Top 500 Job Creating Entrepreneurs, Europe's 500 (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007)
  • Finalist in “Entrepreneur Of The Year”, Ernst & Young (2002/2009)
  • iF product design award, International Forum Design GmbH (2008)
  • Top 500, the largest family-owned companies in Germany, Wirtschaftsblatt (2013)
  • Numerous awards and nominations in the packaging sector

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