Renewable raw materials

Renewable raw materials: a challenge.

Since 2010 we have been working on replacing conventional polymers with bio-based raw materials. However, not everything that regrows is of ecological advantage – that is why we at Jokey only use raw materials that have internationally recognised certificates of origin and composition.

Which kind of biopolymer is really sustainable?

Only an integral view of plastics from renewable raw materials shows whether they are really environmentally friendly. The expansion of cultivated areas for bio-based plastics, for example from sugar cane or corn, creates huge monocultures and thus causes natural habitat loss, species extinction, water shortage, desertification, and the use of dangerous pesticides.

Processing, performance and recycling

Biopolymers used in our production processes must not only meet ecological certification but also other requirements such as our technical standards and those of a modern, efficient packaging as well as being 100% recyclable.

Strict certification criteria for real sustainability

Therefore, we critically look at these raw materials and their environmental performance evaluations in regards to climate impact and biodiversity. And we at Jokey only want to use raw materials from renewable production that can provide internationally recognised certificates of origin and composition.

How much biopolymer is best suited for my product?

The possible proportion of biopolymers varies between 30 and 100 percent depending on the basic material of the biomass and the technical-physical requirements of your product. In our laboratories, we test in advance which basic material is suitable for your requirements and in what proportion.

Food contact

All Jokey products made of virgin polymers are physiologically harmless and are continuously tested by certified laboratories.

Durability is that sustainable

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Jokey's goal is to become climate-neutral by 2030, and on the way toward this goal we offer our customers CO2 balancing - with certificates in sustainable climate projects.

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