Packaging functions

Packing with plastic.

Packing with responsibility.

Packing with reason.

How can we guarantee the safe and efficient supply of almost eight billion people and, at the same time, deal responsibly with energy, resources and the environment? Plastic packaging will make an elementary contribution if society changes its way of thinking: with a sharper awareness of the importance, but also the potential of recycling and with a differentiated, fact-based assessment of the sustainability of packaging.

Unrivalled plastic - packaging functions with sustainability factor.

  • Protects products from transport damage and loss
  • Extends the shelf life
  • Ensures taste and aroma
  • Hygienically and physiologically safe
  • Easy handling, better portioning and dosage
  • Reduces space and energy requirements for storage and transport
  • Offers orientation and creates brand recognition

Many advantages, low weight: the packaging material with more output per kg.

  • Light
  • Shockproof and durable
  • Versatile, shapeable, flexible
  • High density
  • Resistant to chemicals and temperature
  • Technically efficient and resilient
  • 100% recyclable with low energy consumption

Did you know?

40% of the harvest in developing countries is lost due to lack of packaging. 

The packaging consumption in tonnes would be 53% higher if plastics were replaced by other packaging materials where possible.

As early as 1990, Jokey brought the first bucket made of 100% recycled material onto the market - and helped develop the dual system in Germany.

Our goal: the circular economy.

The longer we actively use plastics in the value-added cycles the more sustainable they become. This requires a globally structured and conscious approach to waste and recycling. As one of the largest manufacturers, we take a special responsibility in this regard. To meet this responsibility, we have developed a guideline on which we measure ourselves and our packaging: the Jokey Eco Concept.  

Eco Company

The consistent focus on maximum energy and resource efficiency has top priority at Jokey - and is actively promoted throughout the company.

More about the Jokey climate strategy

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