Material efficiency

Up to 40% reduction in material use since 1990.

Packing as much product as possible with as little material as possible - this maxim has driven our research and development since the early 1990s. With success: in the meantime, we have reduced the weight of our packaging by up to 40% by means of a combination of increasingly efficient and functional designs.

Ultralight art of engineering

As a result of increasingly sophisticated designs, we have reduced the amount of material required enormously over the years. At the same time we have succeeded in significantly increasing functionality: today, our containers are more stable, break-resistant, user-friendly and more appealing - and thus meet the increased demands of our customers.

Less weight, less resources required

As a result of their lower weight, Jokey packagings reduce the ecological footprint: because they use less plastic in manufacturing. And with regard to logistics and transport, they improve the ratio of package weight to fill weight - and thus reduce energy consumption and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

100% recyclable

Jokey packaging is 100% recyclable - thanks to containers made of single-origin plastic, even without complicated component separation.

How mono-material saves energy

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Secondary raw materials 

We produce Jokey packaging from up to 100% recycled material - with optimum product protection and complete design flexibility.

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Jokey Solution Packaging

Individual packaging design from the hands of experts - from the initial idea to market maturity.

Your way to an individual design

Jokey Eco Concept

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