Food Contact

For longer shelf life even for food.

Jokey packaging for food contact is produced under the high hygiene regulations of the GFSI standard. In addition, only raw materials are used that meet the legal requirements and are 100% recyclable.

Nothing is more sustainable than yoghurt that keeps fresh until it is eaten.

Our plastic packagings guarantee hygiene and quality and they reliably protect your filling goods from spoilage and damage - over thousands of kilometres. Extending shelf life with plastic packaging is particularly economical, saves valuable resources and protects the climate.

Physiologically harmless

Packaging intended to come into contact with food is made exclusively from raw materials that meet the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 (in particular Article 3) and Regulation (EU) No 10/2011. The harmlessness of the raw materials and thus the compliance with the relevant regulations is tested under the most unfavourable foreseeable conditions of use in an accredited laboratory.

Recyclate packaging in the food sector

Common recycling processes provide recyclates that are not yet suitable for food contact due to the strict criteria. Therefore, we are working on solutions such as closed loops and are following the development of future recycling processes.

Material efficiency

Jokey packaging has become up to 40% lighter since 1990. This does not only help the climate - but also our customers.

Advantages of thin-walled packaging

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100% emptiable 

All Jokey packaging can be emptied completely. This enables full use of the contents and saves a lot of energy in the recycling process.

Advantages of a completely emptied packaging

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