Climate neutrality is a major task.

As a pioneer in the field of sustainability, our goal is climate-neutral packaging. Until Jokey as a whole is operating CO2-neutrally, we offer our customers CO2 compensation with certificates in sustainable climate projects. Here, we work together with a network of NGOs and other stakeholders.

Climate neutrality by 2030

And until then: compensating the climate balance. The projects supported include registration and implementation according to CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) with Gold Standard certification - the strictest existing standard for climate protection projects. Compensation is voluntary and is carried out by means of emission reduction credits (certificates), which compensate for the amount of emissions generated during the manufacturing process.

Cooperation - the key to success.

In order to find suitable projects for you, we orient ourselves towards professional expertise to promote ecologically sustainable, social and economic action. Within the framework of our innovation programmes, we work together with network organisations and start-ups that jointly develop ideas for a more sustainable use of plastics as a raw material.

Secondary raw materials

We produce Jokey packaging from up to 100% recycled material - with optimum product protection and complete design flexibility.

Why recycled packaging should be standard

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Eco Company

The consistent focus on maximum energy and resource efficiency has top priority at Jokey - and is actively promoted throughout the company.

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360° responsibility

We are actively committed to ensure that Jokey packaging always returns to the recycling cycle - not only here, but all over the world.

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