100% recyclable

Only homogeneous packaging materials achieve optimal recycling results.

Therefore, we only use plastics and decorations that are 100% recyclable. Jokey packaging is thus completely recyclable and can be reused as recycled material without any technical quality losses.

Perceived vs. real sustainability

Multi-component packaging often looks sustainable, but it has one problem: to make it reusable, consumers have to separate it into its components before recycling - which rarely happens in practice. Jokey packaging has therefore been designed with homogeneous materials for decades: this means that it is 100% recyclable even without component separation.

100% monomaterial for 100% recycling

Jokey packaging is made of polyolefins, primarily polypropylene and polyethylene. These are ideally suited for material recycling. Jokey packaging is fully recyclable and thus remains in the material cycle as a raw material for many new generations of packaging.

100% emptiable

All Jokey packaging can be emptied completely. This enables full use of the contents and saves a lot of energy in the recycling process.

Advantages of a completely emptied packaging

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Material efficiency 

Jokey packaging has become up to 40% lighter since 1990. This does not only help the climate - but also our customers.

Advantages of thin-walled packaging

Secondary raw materials 

We produce Jokey packaging from up to 100% recycled material - with optimum product protection and complete design flexibility.

Why recycled packaging should be standard

360° responsibility

We are actively committed to ensure that Jokey packaging always returns to the recycling cycle - not only here, but all over the world.

Product responsibility at Jokey

Jokey Eco Concept

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