Spanish Jokey plant gets a photovoltaic system

In spring 2021, the newly built Spanish plant Jokey Iberica went into operation, and now the new photovoltaic system has been completed. The state-of-the-art plant in Murcia, the capital of the eponymous region in southern Spain, uses the latest technical standards in terms of production facilities and building technology, making it significantly more efficient and energy efficient than the old, much smaller plant. The installed solar panels help to further reduce the CO2 footprint during production.

Use of solar power is part of Jokey’s sustainability strategy 

Jokey invests in the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in all its plants, including the use of photovoltaic systems in addition to fully automatic high-bay warehouses or energy generation from machine waste heat. The use of renewable energies is one of the many measures that Jokey uses to achieve climate neutrality according to the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement as well as the balance-sheet climate neutrality (net-zero target). The solar panels, installed on 3,657 square meters, generate their own electricity, which covers an average of 25 percent of the electricity required for production at the Spanish site. In summer, it is sometimes up to 100 percent due to the intense sunshine during midday. The 1690 panels create a maximum output of 768.15-kilowatt peak (KWp). 

Climate neutrality by 2030: Jokey invests another 500,000 euros in Murcia to save energy 

The Jokey Group has invested around 12.2 million euros for the construction of the new Spanish plant; a further half million euros is invested into the new photovoltaic system. “With the construction of the new photovoltaic plant in our Spanish subsidiary, we are investing in further energy-saving measures,” emphasises Christof Kölschbach, CSO of the Jokey Group. “On the one hand,  we continue to consistently implement the objectives of our sustainability course as laid down in the Jokey Eco Concepts 3.0. On the other hand, this investment and the associated depreciation is also a necessary reaction in order to be able to compensate for the sharp rise in energy costs.” Vicente Hernández, Managing Director of Jokey Iberica, is also satisfied: “Spain is ideal for the use of solar energy, because compared to other Jokey locations in Central Europe the average annual percentage of sunshine hours is much higher. Thanks to state-of-the-art technical standards in terms of production and energy efficiency, we can produce even more sustainably.” It is fitting that at the opening ceremony a mural was created in which the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations surround the Jokey logo. The painting that adorns the canteen is symbolic of the mission and vision of the Jokey Group. “In this way, all employees have our sustainability course and its overall goals in mind again and again in their daily jokey routine,” Hernández confirms.  

In addition to the packaging from the Jokey standard range, Jokey Iberica offers a wide range of special packaging, household products and closure solutions, thus expanding the Jokey product portfolio. 

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