Reusable packaging: Jokey cooperates with Bumerang, a Spanish start-up

The Jokey Group, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging, has decided on a strategic partnership with the Spanish start-up Bumerang. The young company, based in Barcelona, is specialised in innovative reusable packaging solutions used in the to-go sector and in gastronomic delivery services. Jokey is taking a stake in the circular economy company, which was founded in 2020, and is also supplying it with recyclable reusable packaging. By working together, the two companies want to make an active contribution to promoting the circular economy.

Jokey reusable packaging: recyclable design thanks to mono-material and 100% recyclability

With this decision, the Jokey Group is taking a further step towards advancing the development of reusable packaging. This is one of the measures with which Jokey wants to move closer to the goal set as part of the strategic course for sustainability to be as circular as possible by 2030. “Working with a young and successful start-up like Bumerang fits both the fields of action of the Jokey Eco Concept and our overall sustainability strategy,” emphasises Ramona Lob, Head of the Reusable Packaging Business Unit of the Jokey Group. “With this step, Jokey joins a project that is considered to be one of the most promising in the reusable sector on the Spanish and Portuguese markets and can look forward to a steadily growing number of users.” Bumerang’s partners include canteen operators, cafés and restaurants. The company now also relies on reusable packaging from Jokey. These are characterized by a resource-saving use of materials and optimized features: They are stable, stackable and therefore space-saving. In this way, they contribute in several ways to further reduce the ecological footprint – during production and use.

In addition to these and other existing collaborations in the take-away segment, the Group plans to establish its own Reuse segment – with its own subsidiary brand. It will soon be launched on the market under the name KeepIn.

Working together to build a circular economy

“We are pleased to have a strong partner at our side with Jokey who can provide us with excellent support with many years of experience and expertise in plastic injection moulding,” said Oriol Segarra Pol, Founder and CEO of Bumerang. “Jokey’s vision and special commitment in the Reuse sector are ideal conditions for working with us. We both want to actively contribute to building a functioning circular economy in Europe.” The partnership marks an important milestone for Bumerang, said Segarra Pol. This is because it not only secures the future growth of the start-up, but also helps to expand the reach of their reusable packaging system. Bumerang would thus be able to fulfil its mission of banishing disposable packaging in the to-go sector from the markets more quickly.

In addition to the Jokey Group, Duni AB also holds shares in Bumerang. The Swedish company specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of sustainable disposable take-away packaging as well as tableware and tableware for the gastronomic and food industries.

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