Jokey donates for earthquake victims in Türkiye

Jokey is donating 1 million Turkish liras (almost 50,000 euros) to the Turkish Red Crescent, Türkiye's largest aid organization, and to the state disaster control authority AFAD. A further donation of 50,000 Turkish liras (almost 2,500 euros) will go to the plastics manufacturer and Jokey business partner Serdar Plastik as emergency aid. In addition, employees in the German main plants have called for further fundraising within the workforce.

The Turkish plant of the Jokey Group is located in Dilovası, south of Istanbul and about 1000 kilometres away from the epicentre in the province of Kahramanmaras. One day after the earthquake, Jokey Türkiye sent a dramatic appeal to the management at Jokey's main plant in Wipperfürth.  "We are currently experiencing the worst earthquake in south-eastern Türkiye since 1939," reported Hakan Ozhuy, vice president at Jokey Türkiye. Although none of the Jokey employees were injured, he said, some of them had lost relatives who had died because of the disaster in the affected region. Hakan Ozhuy emphasized that, in addition to immediate aid for the people in the area, help for affected companies was also important. For example, Jokey's partner Serdar Plastik, a specialist in special injection moulding processes, has immediately taken in many families of company employees whose homes were destroyed in the earthquake area. In response to the disaster situation, Jokey Türkiye immediately joined forces with other companies to launch donation campaigns through the Turkish Rigid Plastic Packaging Manufacturers Association SEPA. 

"We can only hope that the rescue work and disaster relief operations in the hard-hit region will progress quickly to help as many people as possible," Thomas Becker, Chief Operating Officer of the Jokey Group, expressed his concern. "The images reaching us from the earthquake area in the Turkish-Syrian border region are distressing. Our thoughts are with our employees at Jokey Türkiye and all those who have lost loved ones or still fear for their fate." 

The Turkish Jokey plant had already experienced one of the worst earthquakes in Türkiye in 1999 - with direct consequences for the site in Gebze at the time. The tremors had hit the region east of Istanbul and severely damaged the plant Jokey Plastik Istanbul, which had been founded a year earlier. Fortunately, no one was injured. In 2012, the production facility was rebuilt in a neighbouring town, earthquake-proof in three storeys built on rocks. It was ready for occupation in 2013. To date, the plant is one of the most modern production facilities in the Jokey Group. 

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