International Jokey Clean Up Day: Employees of the Jokey Group are committed to environmental and nature conservation

In April 2023, employees from 14 Jokey plants took part in the group-wide Jokey Clean Up Day. The initiative of Jokey employees is an example of sustainability at Jokey’s production sites and one of the operational goals for 2023.

More than ten million tonnes of waste end up in the oceans every year. Most of it is discharged from land via rivers into the seas. Each of us can contribute to the fight against this pollution. With the Jokey Clean Up Day we start at our own doorstep and clear the factory grounds and the surrounding area of rubbish and litter. In 2019, employees launched the “Jokey Eco4us” initiative. The volunteer teams have made it their mission to take a holistic view of sustainability issues such as the protection of the environment and resources. The employees develop creative ideas on how sustainability can be further developed and implemented at all Jokey locations throughout the group. An important aspect of this commitment is to make the activities visible outside the factory gates in order to raise awareness among fellow citizens for environmental and nature conservation in the regions of the various Jokey locations and, at best, to encourage them to imitate them. The Jokey Clean Up Day is such an action: Because garbage does not belong in nature! By separating and recycling waste, valuable secondary raw materials can be extracted and resources conserved. Thus, the Jokey Clean Up Day is also suitable for our colleagues to experience the objectives of the Jokey Eco Concept and, for example, our commitment to a circular economy. By clearing the environment of the Jokey plants of rubbish, we set a visible sign for a responsible handling of our environment. The Jokey Group is committed to taking responsibility and places sustainability at the heart of its daily activities. With the Group-wide Clean Up Day, Jokey is fulfilling one of its operational goals for 2023 by raising awareness of waste prevention and recycling among both its employees and society. In April, all 14 plastics production plants around the world took part. We are proud of this voluntary effort and thank our employees and their families for their exemplary commitment.

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