Closed Loop: Jokey cooperates with Zentek Group

Through the collaboration with Cologne-based Zentek Services GmbH & Co. KG, the Jokey Group enables a closed loop system for its non-food packaging from the commercial sector in Germany. Zentek organises the collection, sorting and recycling of used packaging buckets and delivers the high-quality recyclates back to the Jokey plants.

For more than 30 years, Jokey has been manufacturing packaging for the non-food industry from recycled secondary raw materials, so-called post-consumer recyclates (PCR). Jokey places special emphasis on packaging solutions that are recyclable to a high quality while meeting the maximum packaging and user benefits of their customers. With its sustainable packaging design, Jokey is committed to ensuring that packaging can be returned to the recycling loop in the sense of a functioning circular economy.

Through its cooperation with Zentek, the Jokey Group is now going one important step further and pursuing the establishment of a closed loop system in the commercial sector. As a packaging manufacturer, Jokey produces plastic buckets for the industry which in turn supply these buckets filled with their respective products to customers in retail, trade and gastronomy. The collection of these used buckets is organized by Zentek with its nationwide and comprehensive network of certified waste management companies. This is followed by sorting, preparation and mechanical recycling to produce a secondary raw material: the recyclate. The cycle is closed when new buckets are produced again at Jokey from the secondary raw materials obtained. The use of post-consumer recyclates can save resources and also significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

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