The brand with the bird house

frunol delicia GmbH represents high-end products in the area of plant protection and pest control. Since the middle of last year, the company has been offering a range of all-year-round garden bird food under the brand DELICIA® which lives up to the premium claim in both quality and brand presence.

The all-year-round food for garden birds is available in four varieties. Different, warm colour codes differentiate between them well. The most important re-identification feature of the brand is the bird house on the packaging whose roof forms a transparent viewing window. “Customers should be able to recognise the high quality of the product” explains Martin Reinders, Head of Marketing at frunol delicia. The 3kg stock pack is packaged in a Jokey JETQ 50. The square design is not only space-saving but the front also offers an ideal advertising space. The bird food is packaged in a protective atmosphere and is perfectly protected against pests and weather factors in the Jokey bucket. An included portion scoop makes it easier for customers to decant and place the food.

The response from the specialist markets has been consistently positive after the first year. The whole concept of high quality products and high quality Jokey packaging is going down well. “We have been working with Jokey for several years already because both delivery quality and reliability are important there. Even in short-term emergency situations, we can rely on Jokey” assures Martin Reinders.