Jokey Group Wins BME Innovation Award

The Jokey Group has completely realigned its group-wide purchasing. The innovative concept developed for this purpose has now been presented with an award by the Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V. (BME), or the Federal Materials Management, Purchasing & Logistics Association.

The Jokey Group received the BME Innovation Award 2017 on 9 November. The award ceremony took place during the 52nd Purchasing and Logistics Symposium in Berlin.

The jury's justification for the award was that the Jokey project showed that innovation could also mean change. The change process, which was discussed by employees on all hierarchy levels on an equal footing for the final decision, promotes agility and creates new free spaces. With the new direction, which started in 2014, Jokey has succeeded in creating an efficient, high-performance procurement area, which also contributes to the success of the company. "Innovation and managing changes are tightly linked in our company. This is the case both for developing products, and for adjusting and controlling processes. The fact that we have won an award in an administrative field for the first time just goes to show how true this is," says Herbert Kemmerich, CEO and shareholder of the Jokey Group. "We have succeeded in interlinking industrial mass production with the current demand for digitalisation, and this means that we can not only keep our traditionally strong orientation towards the customer in focus, but also continue to build on it."

Digitalisation and Qualification: Setting the Agenda for Purchasing 4.0

With the help of the structured change process in purchasing, Jokey has managed to transfer successive operative resources into strategic initiatives and projects. Further, transparency and quality in purchasing data was successfully increased, sustainably improving central control of purchasing in the process. Thanks to continuously developed qualification routes, Jokey purchasers have positioned themselves as recognised specialists at the intersection of purchasing markets.

The web-based Jokey supplier portal also contributes significantly to raised efficiency levels. It unites individual elements in the communication workflow between Jokey and its suppliers, creating more efficiency on both sides. The existing compliance and sustainability regulations were expanded to include the field of purchasing, and supplemented with a supplier chart. Today, Jokey is also taking advantage of the opportunities provided by international purchasing markets through targeted development of global sourcing. This will guarantee an optimal supply in the long term, with rising demand forecasts and increasingly volatile prices for raw materials. "It is especially important at the middle tier to promote the evolution of both structural and financial purchasing subjects. Active communication creates company-wide acceptance and the motivation to quickly make the necessary changes and keep them going in the long run. "Jokey have ultimately only been able to see this through with the help of our many highly-qualified and highly-motivated purchasing staff," says Michael Schmidt, Chief Procurement Officer of the Jokey Group.

The BME Innovation Award has been awarded every year since 1986 by the Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V. The award is given for innovative and sustainable services and concepts which increase efficiency in purchasing and logistics in the long term, leading to clear improvements in company results.

Photo: BME