Verifiably sustainable

The Jokey Eco Concept is all about maximum levels of sustainability in all aspects of product development. It offers a sustainable packaging alternative, most notably for non-food manufacturers.

ThinWall Technology

Ever since the beginning of the 1990s, Jokey has been able to reduce the charge weight by nearly a third – whilst also increasing the functionality of the packaging at the same time.

100% recyclable

Jokey packaging is produced from homogeneous polypropylene and polyethylene.These materials are particularly suitable for recycling.

Fully drainable

Left-over products generate high technical expenses in the recycling process.All Jokey packaging is fully drainable.

Recycling packaging for non-food

Paint, building materials, chemicals and other non-food products canbe packaged just as well and securely in our recyclate packaging as innew plastic.


Jokey only processes tested additives and substances satisfying the requirementsof Regulation (EU) No. 10 / 2011, Regulation (EC) No. 1935 / 2004 andCommission Regulation 2023 / 2006 on good manufacturing practice.


Jokey is able to process biopolymers from sustainably created biomass andwhich have internationally recognised certification.

Additional uses

Jokey packaging is high-quality and resealable. If the product is finished,it can often be reused as a storage Container.

Jokey Eco Concept