Exhibition News in the Jokey Standard Product Range

At interpack 2017, Jokey is presenting a new packaging line in a new design: the Jokey Multi Pack, a modern-looking mix of oval and right-angled design. Two successful series, the Jokey Seal Tainer and the JET+/JETO+, have been expanded with additional sizes.

The Jokey Multi Pack (JMP) will surprise you with its successful combination of oval and right-angled design. The innovative design with rounded corners is a real eye-catcher. It is not just the modern shape but also the wide facing that ensure its visual appeal which offers lots of space for product advertising. Combined with emotive decoration, the Jokey Multi Pack is the ideal packaging for launching a product! Jokey is initially introducing the new JMP at interpack as 18.5 l containers.

Successful Jokey Seal Tainer series expanded.

The Jokey Seal Tainer (JST) is tailored specifically to the needs of industrial kitchens. It has a wide edge enabling a peelable film to be applied. The user can easily and completely remove the film by hand. No knives are required, and there is no residual film left on the edge.  The bucket is also lightweight and thin-walled which increases ease of use. The Jokey Seal Tainer is well received in industrial kitchens. The series is therefore now being expanded by three sizes. The JST had previously only been available in 6.1 l and 11.7 l buckets. Jokey now also offers the peelable-film bucket in 3.5 l, 4.5 l and 6.3 l volumes.

Two popular construction professionals: JET+ and JETO+.

The round JET+ and its oval equivalent JETO+ are robust and compact packaging buckets suitable for shakers. Heavy goods such as paints, varnishes and renderings are packaged perfectly in them. Jokey first introduced the series at interpack 2014. The buckets, with the benefit of performance, were well received since they withstand the heaviest of mechanical loads. Thanks to its innovative lid system, they also remain 100 per cent tight even in shakers. Adaptive nesting in the lid also ensures even better hold on the pallet.

The new sizes are summarised as follows:

  • JET+ 165       16.50 l Iso volume
  • JET+ 174       17.40 l Iso volume
  • JETO+ 125     12.56 l Iso volume
  • JETO+ 150     15.60 l Iso volume
  • JETO+ 180     18.14 l Iso volume