3000 euros were donated to a children and adolescent charity project

In the course of the 800-years anniversary of the Hanseatic Town of Wipperfürth, Jokey sold 1200 attractively printed buckets. The profit went totally to the charity project “Kinderstadt” (children’s town).

Jokey produced 21-litre buckets exclusively for the “Hansetag” (Hanseatic League Day) festival. Every one of these lovingly designed buckets has been decorated with a logo of the silhouette of Wipperfürth and the slogan „Feels like Home“.

The visitors of the “Hansetag” festival could choose from three prints: flowers for the ladies, various tools for the do-it-yourselfer and funny animals for the children. Visitors could get a bucket for a donation of at least 2 euros. Some visitors donated even more as, after all, this is for a good cause: Wipperfürth’s “Kinderstadt”. In this charity project, children between six and twelve years take playfully the roles of citizens of a town. They try different jobs, vote, organize and even pay taxes with fictitious money.