Pet food packaging with added value

Animal lovers love the plastic packaging from Jokey. Not only does pet food stay fresh for a long time – the packaging also offers numerous additional uses as a storage container.

Whether for dogs, cats, mice or horses – dried food is often bought in large quantities. The rigid plastic packaging from Jokey is sturdy and more than just packaging. It is firm and easy to reseal. Food stays fresh for a long time in Jokey packaging and is always safely stored and easy to decant. When the packaging is empty, it can be refilled with more food or otherwise used as a robust multi-purpose container. The usable bucket offers an attractive option. It can fit a promotional or bonus product. The animal owner can then use the bucket to store bowls, leashes, headcollars and many other paraphernalia.  Everything the animal needs in one box – more benefits don’t come often.

The JETQ 350 with a filling volume of 35.4 litres is recommended for pet food. The buckets can be carried comfortably with handles on either side and can be stacked on top of each other securely. The square bucket makes optimal use of shelving space and its wide faces can be attractively decorated with IML or digital printing.