Market launch for first RAL quality-assured recyclate packaging from Jokey

Wipperfürth, 15.10.2019: Jokey presented the first recyclate packaging with the RAL quality mark "%-Recycling-Kunststoff" at the FACHPACK 2019 in Nuremberg. The container developed for use with non-food products is made from post-consumer secondary raw materials (PCR Polymer) from household collections such as the Yellow Sack in Germany. At the beginning of October, the first standard packaging for a branded product from the building materials company Knauf was launched in the Netherlands. “Environmentally friendly packaging" was also the main theme of FACHPACK 2019. Jokey's sustainable packaging solutions received a great response from visitors there.

"With the RAL quality mark "%-Recycling-Kunststoff", which we introduced last year, members of the quality association can document that plastics from the yellow sack, the yellow bin or similar household collection systems are recycled and used in sustainable packaging or products - an important signal for consumers," explains Dr. Ina-Maria Becker, board member of the quality association. Together with her deputy Christina Schulz, she visited Jokey's stand at FACHPACK 2019 and was delighted to learn that Knauf will be using sustainable packaging with the RAL Quality Mark on the Dutch market from 1 October 2019.

Pioneer Knauf plans expansion to further packaging lines

Knauf is very proud of its pioneering role: "Sustainability is the order of the day. We are sure that the market will react positively to our new containers," explains Axel Ritz, Sales Manager Export & Industrial Customers at Knauf Bauprodukte. For Knauf, the use of recycled packaging for "Betokontakt" in the Netherlands is a first step that will be followed by further packaging lines, and expansion to other countries. A communication campaign is also planned to draw the attention of both professional users and private consumers to the sustainability of the new packaging.

Overall appearance as attractive as conventional solution

The fact that Knauf has won a renowned reference customer is seen by Jokey as a significant success of his initiative "Grau ist das neue Grün" ("Grey is the new green") launched last year (Weblink?). This initiative promotes recycled packaging made from post-consumer secondary raw materials (PCR Polymers) as a sustainable solution for filling non-food products. In terms of performance, the material is almost on a par with new plastics. Only the grey colour has been an acceptance threshold until now, as white packaging has been standard for building material products for decades. In the packaging for Knauf, however, only one edge of the grey colour is visible on the outside, as the bucket is printed all around with a material-homogeneous PP label in white using the IML process. It is also combined with a green lid and a white handle made of new plastic. The overall appearance of the container, which consists mainly of recycled material, is just as attractive as that of a conventional solution. ,

Goal: Grey as new standard packaging for non-food products

Jokey expects that with the RAL Quality Mark and the industry heavyweight Knauf as reference customers, our initiative "Grey is the new green", which was launched last year, will gain momentum. The recyclate concept as a solution for modern, sustainable plastic packaging is now gaining pace exponentially. The company already has decades of experience in processing recycled materials. The first Jokey buckets made of 100 percent recyclate were already awarded a prize at the German Packaging Competition in 1993. "We regard Knauf's move as a trend-setting step and hope that other Manufacturers/Fillers/Customers will follow this path and soon turn a white standard into a grey standard for packaging applications in the non-food industry," says Michael Schmitz, Head of Marketing at the Jokey Group.

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