Expansion of the product range

Since May of this year, the Spanish Treplas S.L. became part of the Jokey Group. With new packaging worlds, fasteners and household products, the new business will enrich the Jokey product range. In turn, Treplas’ portfolio for its Spanish customers will expand considerably due to the Jokey Group’s large standard container range.

The Treplas product range covers three Areas:


  • Injected packaging for the food industry. It complements the Jokey range with new types of containers and individual customer Solutions.
  • Versatile fastening solutions for flexible packaging, tubs and bottles. Treplas’ expertise with fasteners and caps strengthens the Jokey fastener range and enables innovative fastening solutions; in particular in the packaging and Jokey Individual segments.
  • Technical injection-moulded parts from Treplas can be used in the most diverse areas of the household. For example, as stackable drawers and much more. The company has long-standing experience in developing individual custom-specific Solutions.