All three Jokey locations in Oberberg certified as "Excellent Training Company"

It is often difficult for pupils looking for a training place to see how good training companies actually are. The "Excellent training company" seal of quality therefore provides them with a reliable and neutral guide.

As one of the first companies this year, 3 Jokey plants (Wipperfürth, Gummersbach and Lindlar) receive the "Excellent training company" seal of quality for their outstanding training quality. In an anonymous survey, the trainees answered around 100 detailed questions about the quality of their training. Topics included, for example, training content, dealing with trainees in the company and future opportunities.

For the seal of quality, additional key figures such as the number of trainees taken on and their results in the training examinations were collected with the personnel managers. "By combining these key figures with the assessment of the trainees, young people receive reliable information on how good a training company actually is," says business psychologist Judith Grefe from the "ertragswerkstatt" (earnings workshop), which is responsible for awarding the seal. Because: Only companies that get good marks from their apprentices and are particularly committed to training are "Excellent Training Company 2019".

The seal of quality has been awarded annually since 2013. In recent years, more than 100 companies have had the quality of their training comprehensively assessed every year. The "Excellent Training Company" initiative is thus the largest independent and neutral certification for training companies in Germany.

The prerequisite for participation was that the companies train at least 5 apprentices. "This is important to us because this is the only way we have been able to conduct an anonymous survey in which trainees can answer openly and honestly," says Judith Grefe from the "ertragswerkstatt".

Peter Dörmbach, CFO and responsible for the entire human resources department in the Jokey Group, confirms: "The focus is on our employees, whom we encourage, challenge and encourage to work independently. The special commitment of the three Jokey locations is reflected in the fact that good training is very important to everyone, but that individual support and assistance is also guaranteed.

"In Oberberg, we are currently training 60 apprentices in 11 different occupations," explains Kerstin Staubach, head of commercial training at the Gummersbach site.

The three Jokey companies received an excellent certificate from their apprentices. The trainees rated the high practical relevance and cooperation in day-to-day business particularly positively. This enables them to quickly learn how to solve problems themselves and assume responsibility. "We were very pleased with the results. It is an incentive for us to continue to invest in training - a pillar of securing the future of SMEs," emphasises Jens Stadter, CEO of the Jokey Group.