Jokey Design Service

Jokey Design Service

Package design by packaging professionals.

70 to 85 percent of all purchasing decisions occur spontaneously at the POS. Attractive packaging therefore plays a crucial role: It draws consumers in and encourages them to pick up the product. Packaging is the most important selling point for your product. No other advertising media has so much customer contact. Appealing packaging continues to advertise your product, even after purchase, encouraging repeat purchases.

The full service for your packaging design.

We created Jokey Design Service in order to unlock the full sales potential of your packaging. As a full service provider of packaging design, we take care of everything for you; from consultation to creation, through to creating print templates.

The Jokey Design Service creates your packaging design for each of our standard or custom-mould packaging solutions. We design packaging for you which hits the spot with the target audience, advertises in an authentic and emotive manner your product needs and is therefore clearly recognisable as your product brand.


From consultation to design.

During a briefing meeting, we discuss what you expect from your packaging design and the volumes to be met. Then our designer will develop a design concept. As experienced packaging experts, we know what is technically possible and how we can achieve the perfect advertising effect.

We recommend a packaging colour which reflects your brand and your product. Containers, handles and lids can be manufactured in different colours. The heart of the creation is the layout with image motifs, text, logos etc. The entire container wall and lid are suitable for printing on a large scale. Depending on the product and purpose, we will also propose a suitable accessory, for example, or the use of secondary raw materials.


Revolving 3D view of your packaging design.

We present your design concept to you as a rendering, a revolving, digital, 3‑D‑visualisation. That way, you can assess it in realistic conditions and examine it from all angles. After coordinating with you and receiving your approval, we create the layout for your print image.

Product testing made easy.
Should you wish to test your new packaging design first, we can easily provide you with a 3‑D‑visualisation. Subsequent adjustments to the design elements, such as packaging colours, motifs or text, can be made quickly. Jokey also offers a solution for field tests, presentations or fairs: We use digital printing to create small print runs.


Technically perfect print templates.

Our printing specialists create print templates for the print motifs on your packaging. Whether it's in-mould labelling, digital printing or offset - we ensure the right type of label is used and set all necessary parameters correctly for flawless print quality. As a leading manufacturer, we pool our experience of creating thousands and thousands of print motifs.


Finishing processes.

Jokey offers you the most up-to-date finishing techniques. The superb in-mould labelling procedures guarantee emotive motifs in high-definition quality. Even multi-sensory effects and digital interactions can be integrated into the in-mould labels. For small ones, we make similar high-quality labels using digital printing. Even the classic offset print offers attractive design options.

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The Jokey Design Service is your partner for creative and strong-selling packaging design.

Jokey Design Service

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