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Plastic packaging and ecology? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? No, because Eco Design criteria are defined as the highest possible functionality combined with the smallest possible impact on the environment. As far as sustainability is concerned, plastic packaging, particularly Jokey plastic packaging, scores highly. Prepare to be persuaded.

When developing our packaging, we pay great attention to ensuring maximum sustainability throughout the entire product life-cycle. Thanks to our experience and our excellent technical equipment, we are able to create ecological, functionally trend-setting packaging designs. The Jokey Eco Concept stands for packaging solutions which enable us and our customers to combine business success with a responsible attitude towards people and the planet.



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Plastic Packaging & Environment

Material efficiency

Compared to 1991, plastic packaging today is more than 25% lighter. At the same time its performance was also increased. To replace plastic with other packaging materials, four-times as much material would need to be used.


Today in Germany nearly 100 % of household packaging is used. 56 % of this is recycled and reused as secondary raw materials. Just 20 years ago the recycling rate was about 3 %.

Product Protection

Optimised plastic packaging reduces food waste in retail. Plastic packaging also makes for less waste in transport and storage and, in doing so, saves valuable environmental resources.

Consumer Protection

Plastic packaging protect their contents against spoilage and damage, they ensure quality, durability and hygiene. Conversely, UN hazardous waste packaging protects the environment from toxic or easily inflammable contents. Tamper-evident seals on plastic packaging serve to protect against theft and counterfeit products.

We take responsibility

Commitment to man and nature.

Jokey is actively involved in the environmental committees of the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen (Plastic Industrial Packaging Association) and on the Eco Design Round Table. Our aim is to combat plastic pollution of the oceans worldwide, to promote plastics recycling and to make the production of packaging more environmentally-friendly. The Jokey Group believes in social fairness and compliance with global ethical principles along the entire value added chain. SEDEX certifications and our recognition of the GKV Code of Conduct document our ethical and social focus.

Initiative Grey

Jokey calls upon using recycled plastic. The Jokey group, which is operating on an international basis, calls upon producers and consumers to prefer packaging made of recycled material. The aim of Jokey’s initiative “grey” is to promote recycling more strongly and the reduction of environmental pollution and packaging waste.

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Maximum energy Efficiency

We are continuing to invest in production and building technology within our plants in order to further improve our energy footprint. Our plants are certified for food safety according to DIN ISO 50001 and 22001. Audits according to the international environmental management standard DIN ISO 14001 are in the process of implementation.

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