Jokey Effects

A feast for the senses.

Not only do Jokey’s in-mould labels look stunning–hey're an experience for all the senses. See, feel, smell: Captivating effects increase the worth of your product and arouse consumers’ curiosity. Luminescent packaging materials, metallic and sequin effects, black light function, peel-off labels and much more - Jokey offers numerous multi-sensory effects to increase the attractiveness of your packaging. 

Our refining technologies at a glance

The digital watermark offers an unparalleled wealth of additional information: User opinions, recipes, operating instructions and social media can be called using mobile devices and the relevant app. The watermark is spread invisibly over the entire packaging. At the PoS it replaces the barcode. The checkout assistant no longer has to twist and turn the packaging when scanning, which results in time savings of 50%.

Chocolate, lemon or a meadow in spring – entice your consumers with scents. Let them find out at the PoS how good your product smells. The seductive effect of “fragrance” is particularly suitable for confectionery, homecare and cosmetic products. The aroma can either be permanently exuded or released by rubbing.

Writing, symbols and motifs change to a different colour under blacklight. Whether this is used for novelty effect or to enhance product safety: The blacklight application increases the product’s value.



Is the temperature ideal for the foodstuff? Whether hot or cold: The thermochromatic writing changes colour when the right temperature is reached.



So soft, so velvety. You will never want to let go of the packaging with the delicate soft touch effect!



Velvet-soft, premium look and feel through ultra matt printing.

The raised structure gives the motif an exciting 3D effect. It arouses the observer’s curiosity to hold it in their hands.



Nature is never stiff and smooth. Consequently, the orange peel effect also feels a little wavy, but also soft as velvet.



The spot coating adds a special sheen to selected motifs.



The noble metallic effect is a glamorous eye-catcher.



The extra portion of covering white achieves optimum opacity and ensures your brand logo shines. “Covering white” is available in two shades. A particularly attractive feature is the contrast of the pure white and the translucent packaging material “Ultra Clear”.



The translucent tone gives the packaging an emotional colour scheme – for example a fresh lemon yellow or raspberry red. And it generates trust, because it provides a view into the inside of the packaging.

As clear as glass: The super-transparent material looks upmarket and pure. Ideal for products which are traditionally filled in glass containers and are now to be offered in lighter, unbreakable plastic packaging.



The removable label offers undreamt-of possibilities. How about a prize competition? Or cards for kids to collect?



The rear of the peel-off label can also be printed, for example with washing instructions, details of contents – or the number of a winning ticket.



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