Livestream: Jokey France discusses recycled packaging with customers

For the first time, Jokey France has used the opportunity to inform its customers about the use of recycled packaging via livestream. At the end of April, a team of Jokey experts answered questions at a customer event.

Instead of the usual roadshow, Jokey France presented news and facts about recycled packaging in a livestream due to the restrictions caused by the ongoing Corona pandemic. With the support of professionals, the Jokey managers had transformed a training room at the Labourse plant into a professional broadcast studio. Interested customers from both the non-food and food sectors were able to follow lectures and presentations during the one-hour event and ask questions directly to the experts in a live chat. The focus was set on the Jokey Eco Concept 2.0 with which the company is already contributing significantly to the Circular Economy. The stated goal is to produce in a climate-neutral manner by 2030. The focus of the live event, held in French, was on the use of recyclates

Recycled packaging in the non-food and food sectors

The Jokey experts provided professional insights into the numerous possible applications of packaging made from post-consumer recyclates (PCR), which originate from household collections. More and more customers from the non-food sector are already relying on this recyclable packaging solution and thus strengthening their sustainable image. This means that the implementation of a circular economy is increasingly becoming a reality, the Jokey experts emphasized. After all, the more manufacturers and fillers introduce recyclate packaging, the faster it can establish itself as the standard and boost the circular economy.

Jokey experts explained the introduction of ISCC Plus-certified plastic packaging to customers from the food sector. The certificate stands for the use and traceability of recycled materials on a mass balance basis. Five Jokey sites have received ISCC Plus certification, including the plant in Labourse. In pilot projects, these sites are now also processing sustainable plastics obtained from chemical recycling of used packaging.  

Working together to promote the development of the circular economy

Éric Thomas, Sales Manager at Jokey France, was pleased with the positive response to the first live stream in French. He is thus following up on the previous experience of the two German main plants, both of which had already demonstrated these topics with two livestream events.  "We want to intensify the association with our partners and customers as the only way to build a functioning circular economy is to work together. Switching from virgin plastic to PCR makes an important contribution to this, and we would like to expressly encourage our customers to follow suit." Jokey recycled packaging is a win-win solution both ecologically and economically. Ecologically because it conserves valuable raw materials and can be designed to be both smart and appealing. Thus, it meets the growing demands of environmentally conscious consumers for sustainable and modern packaging. And economically because in the long term it can hold its own against the possible plastic taxation, for example.  

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