Jokey produces Beer Buddy-Cups for Bottoms Up Beer Germany

Beer Buddys are becoming increasingly popular at private and business events - for example, in amusement parks. They not only offer guests a lot of drinking pleasure, but also turn beer tapping into an event. The idea is amazingly simple.

The so-called Beer Buddys use commercially available beer kegs. The beer is served at the top, because the beer is tapped according to the "bottoms-up" principle. Guests can easily serve themselves by simply placing the plastic cups made by Jokey on the tap pipe protruding from the drip grid and pressing down. The trick: the cups have a hole in the bottom that has magnetic material embedded around it. The hole is closed on the inside by a movable magnetic lid that is pressed upwards when the beer is tapped. This allows the beer to bubble directly into the cup, including the foam crown. When the filled cup is then removed from the dispensing pipe, the magnet is placed back on the opening and reliably closes it. The technology is so ingenious that no beer is lost either when filling or when transporting the cup. The magnetic material around the opening in the base of the cup is also made of plastic and is inserted by Jokey as a ring into the injection mould beforehand. In addition, the cups are finished with a so-called reverse IML. It is printed between the PP film and the IML packaging which considerably increases the durability of the IML labels.

The robust reusable cups can be easily cleaned and used again and again. This saves valuable resources. The easy to use Beer Buddys are suitable not only for private use but also for the self-service sector, thus helping to save on personnel costs.

Bottoms Up Beer Germany invented the Beer Buddies. The company is the exclusive and official distributor of the Bottoms Up Beer products known from the USA in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey.

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