Jokey now also manufactures packaging buckets for building protection products with sealing lids for sealing technology

The Jokey Group, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging, has developed a bucket with a sealing lid for filling dispersion paints together with its long-standing customer Meffert. The internationally active Meffert AG Farbwerke, headquartered in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, primarily produces paints and varnishes in addition to plasters and building protection products. The sealing technology ensures the quality characteristics of the product even more strongly than before and thus optimises the processing procedure.

JETO+ 150 with sealing lid – practical, safe, sustainable

In 2020, both companies started initial test series for the development of the sealing lids. For the buckets, Jokey relies on the oval JETO+, which has already proven itself millions of times over as packaging for paints, adhesives, and other building materials. The Jokey developers also drew on extensive experience: on the one hand, Jokey has decades of expertise in sealing food packaging; and on the other hand, the developers have also been experimenting for a long time with different approaches to sealing techniques in close cooperation with Jokey customers from the non-food sector. From the series of tests with Meffert, a sealing technology has now been developed for the first time for a customer from the paint industry: the SIFO technology. The acquisition of a high-performance, fully automatic filling line with bucket sealing enabled Meffert AG Farbwerke to start filling the first SIFO containers in December 2021. At the beginning of 2022, the 15-litre JETO+ 150 container with special sealing lid was successfully launched on the market. Other sizes are in the planning stage.

The Jokey sealing lid is 100 percent liquid-tight. The safety film applied by Meffert between the lid and the bucket after filling prevents paint from sticking to the lid. The technology is particularly suitable for preservative-free paints. For users, handling is extremely easy: the film seal can be removed in one piece without any effort, and the paint can be used immediately. Thanks to the PP mono-material, the buckets, plastic handles, and sealing lids are 100 percent technically recyclable and can be returned to the material cycle through the existing collection systems.

Jokey Technical Service advises on sealing techniques and suitable filling equipment

"We are delighted with the consistently positive feedback our customer has received so far from the test markets," says Dirk Schenk, Sales Manager at Jokey. "The jointly developed sealing technology helps to further protect the product and stabilize the shelf life of the paint, offering maximum safety to end consumers, creating trust, and meeting the growing demands for sustainable packaging solutions."

Meffert is also highly satisfied with the result: "Up to now, no solution for avoiding paint adhesion on lids has been able to prove itself 100 per cent in practice," says project manager Dr Ronald Große, assistant to the board of directors for technology at Meffert AG Farbwerke. "Thanks to the many years of expertise at Jokey, we have now been able to jointly develop this innovative solution for the market. We are the first paint manufacturer to seal dispersion paint buckets with a safety film. This means that we also comply with the stricter guidelines on the use of preservatives, as we now seal our containers with a technology from the even more tightly regulated food industry. This combination is unique in our industry!"   

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