Jokey launches Eco Concept 2.0 and new website

Jokey presents its Eco Concept 2.0 on its completely revised website. The second generation of the Jokey sustainability program is an action plan to achieve climate-neutral packaging. The new website focuses even more attention on the Jokey Eco Concept – clearly and transparently.

The Jokey Eco Concept 2.0, which is geared towards a holistic approach, comprises 10 areas of action that significantly expand on the current Eco Concept. In recent years, Jokey has constantly adapted its products to the recycling industry's requirements through continuous development, in cooperation with its customers too. The family-owned company has also expanded its long-term strategy of solid, sustainable growth combined with a responsible attitude towards people and nature. Both are reflected in the Jokey Eco Concept 2.0: The first three areas of action relate to assuming product responsibility. With the aim of becoming climate-neutral as a company by 2030 and, as one of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging with 15 locations in 12 countries, also assuming international responsibility beyond production. The new Eco Concept's other areas of action describe the contribution that the Jokey packaging material and design is already making today at product level on the path to achieving a circular economy.

The new Jokey website – improved online communication

The Jokey Group is also looking to the future with its redesigned online presence, which features an improved structure, modern and interactive design, intuitive operability and even more additional multimedia benefits. For instance, the new Jokey Eco Concept 2.0 ten areas of action are clearly and concisely described on the text level and also visualized by a new image film. The product presentation has also been completely revised. "We spent a long time preparing the relaunch and aligned it with a holistic sustainable strategy," emphasizes Michael Schmitz, Head of Marketing and Communication at Jokey. "The focus was not just on improving the look and feel and user-friendliness, but also on raising the profile of our expanded sustainability strategy. We want to communicate this openly and transparently."

The "Grey is the new green" recycled material campaign also gets a new look

The successful campaign to increase the use of recycled plastics is also being launched in a new edition: New motifs and messages will be used throughout Europe. Since the beginning of the campaign, Jokey has already worked with several well-known producer to develop attractively designed recycled material packaging for non-food areas. In doing so, they are making a responsible contribution to the circular economy, an important point in Eco Concept 2.0.


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