Jokey Group participates in the Holy Grail 2.0 initiative for innovative recycling methods

The Jokey Group is part of the Holy Grail 2.0 initiative . The aim of the recycling initiative is to significantly improve the sorting capability of plastic waste in order to drive forward the global transformation of the recycling economy. Jokey Group's membership is a further active contribution to the assumption of product responsibility within the Jokey Eco Concept.

Holy Grail 2.0 is the follow-up project to Holy Grail 1.0 (project of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation). It aims to better identify recyclable material in waste recycling systems by means of digital watermarks. This can significantly improve the sorting of used plastics, because a higher sorting purity of plastic waste also increases the stability and quality of recycled materials. Digital watermarks are able to take over useful functions in the complete production cycle. The code of the watermark, which is almost invisible to consumers, is applied to plastic packaging and easily recognized by special scanners in sorting plants. It contains information about the material of the packaging and its previous contents. This information can be used along the entire value chain.

Smart Packaging - Watermark technology can promote recycling management

"With our membership in the Holy Grail 2.0 initiative, we are also building on the development of our smart packaging, which we have already had in our programme for a number of years", emphasises Mike Weinerowski, Lead Buyer of the Jokey Group. The Jokey inmould labels with digital watermarks can communicate with both mobile devices and scanner cash registers. "Intelligent packaging not only protects and identifies the goods, but also turns out to be a true communication talent", emphasises Mike Weinerowski. "The digitalization of packaging holds enormous potential for a wide variety of uses and can be implemented across almost all product lines. Whether for communication with consumers or, as in the case of Holy Grail 2.0, for meaningful use in the recycling process.

Joint efforts for the European Green Deal

Holy Grail 2.0 is the continuation of the Holy Grail project, which has been running for three years and now has over 55 members. Among them are large trading companies, retailers, recyclers and stakeholders. What they all have in common is the conviction that a functioning waste and recycling management system can only be advanced successfully by bringing together all the players involved. The project sees itself as a decisive contribution to the European Green Deal for a clean and recycling oriented economy. The technology is soon to be further developed on a test market and industrialised in the near future.

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