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Due to the ongoing corona-related contact restrictions, Jokey also counts on creative solutions. At a customer event held at the end of October entitled "No fear of recyclates", a team of Jokey experts was answering questions at a livestream.

Over 70 customers followed the Jokey expert discussion on recycled packaging online. The event was broadcast live from a film production studio in Cologne. The audience could ask the experts directly in the chat. At first, short feature films put the audience in the right mood for the topic. Right from the start, the focus was on the new Jokey Eco Concept 2.0, which describes the contribution the company is already making to the circular economy.

In another short film, Hartmut Karsubke, who is responsible for materials development at Jokey, guided a tour of the production hall at the Gummersbach site. There he explained how delivered post-consumer recyclates (PCR) from household collections are processed at Jokey - from the injection moulding machine to final material tests of the finished product. Thomas Schumacher, head of Jokey's quality management laboratory, subjects the recycled containers to several endurance tests because the demands on material properties are particularly high here. During the 45-minute live discussion round, both experts, together with Alexander Hammer, Jokey Sales Director, and Gustav Dengel, Product Manager Packaging, provided expert insights into the numerous possibilities for using attractively designed recycled packaging in the non-food sector.

Jointly strengthening the circular economy

Michael Schmitz, Head of Marketing and Communication, covered a wide range of topics in his presentation, from the first recycled bucket produced by Jokey in 1991 to today's requirements for sustainable packaging and future-proof solutions. The recyclate campaign "Grey is the new green", launched in 2018, is finding ever wider acceptance among producers and retailers. Nadine Dorzok, also from Jokey's marketing department, presented some of the questions asked in the live chat to the experts. These included the use of bioplastics or the possible future use of recycled materials in the food sector.

Recycled packaging is a win-win solution

"Even if Corona is currently slowing us down in all areas of society, we must remain active and seek to join forces in order to jointly build up a functioning recycling economy," Michael Schmitz sums up the livestream event. Jokey recycled packaging makes an important contribution to this and is a win-win solution both ecologically and economically - the Jokey experts agree on this. Ecologically, because it saves valuable raw materials and it can be designed to be both smart and attractive. Thus, it meets the growing demands of environmentally conscious consumers for sustainable and modern packaging. And economically, because in the long term it will be able to hold its own against anti-plastic waste campaigns as well as possible plastic taxation.

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