Initiative Grey

Jokey calls upon using recycled plastic.

The Jokey group, which is operating on an international basis, calls upon producers and consumers to prefer packaging made of recycled material. The aim of Jokey’s initiative “grey” is to promote recycling more strongly and the reduction of environmental pollution and packaging waste

In order to achieve a sustainable disposal of plastic waste, a well-functioning waste management is needed. In the scope of the packaging act (VerpackG), which will become effective in 2019, legislators demand that the material recovery rate increases to 63 per cent in 2022 in Germany.

Already now, Jokey recommends producers and manufactures to support the development by using recycled plastic packaging. Jokey has already produced packaging made of so-called secondary raw material since the 1990s and could have won big branded companies for this. Nevertheless, the grey packaging has missed a broad acceptance in the market so far; although; recycled plastic is performing nearly just as well as virgin material.

Recycled plastic for non-food-packaging

Secondary raw material is obtained from recycled plastic waste. It originates from near-household collections, e.g. from the „yellow bin“. Secondary raw material cannot be used for food packaging due to hygienic harmlessness. However, the non-food-sector offers a broad range of application: paints and varnishes and also construction chemical goods can be packed in recycled buckets without any problems.

Grey colour – green effect

Recycled plastic is just as sturdy, tight and durable as virgin material. It can be used equally as an advertising medium. “The grey material can be decorated excellently with in-mould-labeling or digital printing. The whole container as well as the lid can be fully printed in photorealistic quality,” says Michael Schmitz, Manager - Marketing and Communication of the Jokey Group. Only the rim of the container cannot be decorated.

Michael Schmitz says with conviction, “Grey is the new green. We are sure of the fact that a responsible consumer reaches for recycled packaging if he has the choice.” Sustainable behaviour is even cost-neutral. ”The consumer only needs to be informed adequately and the change of view is happening all by itself,” says Schmitz. Therefore, he recommends the producers to advertise for recycling buckets by placing specific hints directly on the product packaging. 

Find more information here: Jokey Eco Concept


Michael Schmitz
Manager - Marketing and Communication Jokey Group
+49 2267 685- 1123

Michael Schmitz

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