Chrysal - Braun GmbH supports Jokey recyclate campaign

With the initiative „Grey is the New Green", Jokey has been promoting packaging made from post-consumer recyclates (PCR) since 2018. Retailers and end customers can thus make an active contribution to resource conservation and climate protection. After all, recycled packaging strengthens a sustainable circular economy. More and more customers of Jokey are taking up the approach on sustainability - the latest is Braun GmbH, wholesaler for floristry and gardening, with its specialist trade brand Chrysal.

Founded in 1960, the family-owned company from Lemgo in eastern Westphalia is further expanding its sustainability strategy. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmental protection, and to reduce its ecological footprint. In addition to operational measures, the entire product range is also being aligned step by step with sustainability goals. For example, an organic range has been added to the product range this year, and in addition to numerous packaging materials made from recycled plastic, the wholesaler is converting further bucket packaging and bottle materials to recycled plastic in the current season.

The Jokey Eco Concept has convinced Braun 

"While searching for bucket packaging made from recycled waste plastic, we came across the Eco Concept from Jokey. The recyclate used based on the motto `Grey is the new green' immediately fill us with enthusiasm about the idea and technology," affirms Stefan Birkel, product manager at Braun GmbH. "We can thus make an active contribution to the protection of resources, because significantly less plastic has to be produced for the recyclate packaging." On its website, the company presents its sustainability concept, taking up the Jokey initiative to use PCR buckets made from secondary raw materials. So that environmentally conscious customers in the retail trade can immediately distinguish the recycled buckets from new plastic containers at the point of sale, the grey color due to production technology is definitely an advantage, they say. It enables conscious purchasing decisions that specifically focus on sustainable solutions.

Jokey has been producing packaging for the non-food industry from recycled plastics since the early 1990s. The post-consumer recyclates originate from household collections. Paint, building materials, chemicals and other non-food products are just as safe and well packaged in recycled buckets as in virgin plastics. They can also be attractively designed and 100% recycled in the circular economy. "We are pleased that with Braun GmbH, another customer has recognized the advantages of using recycled packaging," emphasizes Michael Schmitz, Head of Marketing and Communications at Jokey. "Retailers can act as role models here and sensitize employees, suppliers and customers to the sustainable use of finite resources. At the same time, they present themselves in their market segment as a forward-looking and responsible company, thereby strengthening their image and making an ecologically valuable contribution to climate protection."


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