Interview with Jens Stadter

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Are plastic packaging and ecology a contradiction? This is often the subject of controversial discussion among the general public. Jokey's answer is a resounding no. But the topic is complex – and raises many questions. In a video podcast, or videocast for short, Jokey explores these questions.

Plastic is a versatile material. On the one hand, we can no longer imagine everyday life without it. On the other hand, in light of the huge amounts of plastic waste in the world's oceans, many people would like to see a plastic-free world. How does a leading international plastics processor like Jokey deal with such challenges? Is plastic packaging fit for the future? What role can it play in the recycling economy? And does the use of recycled materials and biopolymers lead to increased sustainability? Jokey gets to the bottom of these questions in a videocast. 

In an interview lasting just under 14 minutes, Jens Stadter, CEO of the Jokey Group, presents the expanded Jokey Eco Concept 2.0 and explains the 10 fields of action that point the way to a sustainable circular economy. He also addresses critical questions about plastic waste, alternative packaging materials, increased expectations of environmentally conscious end consumers and the long road to climate-neutral packaging. Jens Stadter also explains the vision Jokey has been pursuing with the use of recycled materials in packaging for 30 years now and why the campaign "Grey is the new green" strikes a chord with the times.  

"With this audiovisual format, we want to approach the complex topics of plastics and sustainability in a different way than before. It supports us in communicating our sustainability strategy openly and transparently", explains Michael Schmitz, Head of Marketing and Communication at the Jokey Group. Jokey would like to contribute towards a differentiated discussion of plastic as a material and provide food for thought. The company also sees its responsibility in sharing valuable expert knowledge and promoting dialogue with customers, partners, industry associations, committees and the broader public.