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Intercultural. Open-minded. Down-to-earth.

15 plants. 13 countries. Employees from more than 43 nations. Diversity and intercultural exchange characterise our cooperation day after day. A real enrichment. Openness, appreciation and collegial cooperation at eye level - this is what distinguishes our team spirit. 

We are looking for personalities who want to make a difference together with us with commitment and passion. Who are willing to share their knowledge and skills with others to make the world more sustainable and fit for the future? 

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Jokey - not just a normal family

The Jokey family. This is not just a dictum with us. It is lived everyday life. Maybe it is because we are still a family business, despite our size and internationality. Perhaps our special commitment to our employees is simply rewarded. With a strong team spirit. With a friendly working atmosphere. With the palpable passion and long-standing company loyalty of every single Jokeyan. 

Diversity drives us forward

We owe our leading market position also to the great commitment of our employees and the intensive exchange with customers and partners. Group-wide. Transnational. As an international company, we promote diversity at all levels. We are convinced that cooperation is boosted when people with different experiences, skills and cultural backgrounds work together. This makes us think outside the box and results in new approaches and solutions. Listening is just as important as a constructive feedback culture. Both help us to learn from each other and to develop ourselves collectively.

Jokey World. Little Jokey world.

Not only people from different nations work in our teams, but also people of different generations. And many Jokeyans find a second home with us for the rest of their working lives, in some cases we even employ their children. By the way, some Jokeyans have also found their private happiness with Jokey. 

Changes in perspective strengthen the sense of unity

The world is changing rapidly and the Community is becoming increasingly important. Jokeyans are travelling the world. Wideness and connectedness. Globality and down-to-earth-attitude. Change and permanence - for us, these are not contradictions. Rather, they are fields of energy that strengthen equal opportunities, creativity and motivation. Every change of perspective broadens the view and opens the horizon. This is why we support temporary, internal substitutions over several weeks and internships for one day. Room for new contacts, exchange of knowledge, inspiration.

The Jokey Group

A customer-oriented family business operating worldwide. 

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