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« Our task is cleanliness »

Gabriele, called Gabi, and Jessica Groth (mother and daughter) are members of our cleaning team at the Gummersbach site. Unlike in most of our plants, Gabi and Jessica are permanent cleaners and are part of the longstanding staff. The interrelationships in their job are complex and by no means trivial. “First of all, you have to understand cleaning procedures: who cleans where and when? In which cases do we sometimes need additional external support? Are the machines and the equipment needed for cleaning working properly? Do we have enough staff?"

Especially in times of the coronavirus, the demands on the cleaning team increase. In a conceivable case of suspicion, it would be necessary to react quickly. Ultimately, the two women run a grown and sophisticated system to ensure cleanliness everywhere.

 Super Team | Always in a good mood

What really stands out is the friendliness and the relaxed manner in which they clean in our building. No matter whom you meet from the cleaning team, they always seem to be in a good mood, have a smile for every employee. "I think we have a good atmosphere in the team. We address issues openly, and we also have an open ear for private matters," says Gabi. Both of them are kind of the good soul at the Gummersbach location. If it's someone's birthday, the office workplace is decorated with a birthday candle, sweets, or even garlands. No one is forgotten. Quite a great way to start a birthday!

Mutual trust / high degree of own decision-making

Processes are discussed in meetings with the superior, the head of quality management. Good and bad are addressed.

Recently, several offices have been added to the building. "We have thought about how we can reorganise and facilitate cleaning and have been allowed to purchase many new tools. Our ideas are always heard and usually implemented. That helps us to do a good job!

« We like working here. »

Gabi, who was born in Poland, has been working at Jokey for almost 25 years. "I was never really an office person, but more of a practical person, and that's what I've remained. She seems to have passed on her loyalty and enthusiasm for her work to her daughter: she has also been with Jokey for 18 years.

"When we realise what Jokey offers us, we would be foolish to change. We work in a self-determined way, on our own responsibility, have a great contact to the people, like to have fun in between and feel that we are also liked and accepted."

In the end, however," her supervisor finishes her thoughts, "it is similar to our cleaning brownies in the house. We cannot take it for granted that we have them and that stains disappear overnight. But you have to be made aware of it in order to be grateful".


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