Typical Jokey

Professionalism and humanity are the key characteristics of the Jokey Group. Our popular family and company celebrations, football tournaments and many other events are an expression of the friendly atmosphere that unites the Jokey employees in their free time as well.

Surveys and our very low fluctuation rate show how satisfied our employees are. The international Jokey family unites people from many countries and cultures. Their openness, cooperation and willingness to perform are the driving forces of our success.

Anne-Sophie Kriegeskotte

Assistance of the technical management 

"My employment with Jokey began with an internship semester during my studies as an industrial engineer specializing in mechanical engineering. My job was to plan fully automatic transport equipment for the internal material flow at Jokey Plastik Gummersbach. Afterwards I also wrote my final assignment in the field of factory planning at Jokey. I was not only allowed to plan the project, but to implement it myself. That really inspired me. Today I am the assistant of the technical manager and am responsible for technical purchasing, among other things. The job is just right for me: communicative, varied and exciting every day.”

Mike Löpprich

Design engineer

"As a product developer for packaging, my main focus is on reducing the weight of articles. The thinner the walls, the more ecological a package is, because fewer raw materials have to be used and CO2 emissions during handling and transport are reduced. I also sound out the market for suitable bioplastics. I make sure that these are from certified, sustainable cultivation. Nature is also close to my heart in my private life. I am engaged in the preservation of a biotope, take care of the living conditions of toads and newts and help rescue roe fawn".

Zafer Gülcicek

Technical Support

"After my training as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology at Jokey, I did further training as a plastics technician. Today, as a member of the Technical Support staff, I look after the plants in Turkey and Serbia from the location in Fähnrichstüttem. I advise them, for example, on the acquisition of new injection moulding machines, tools or robots; or I support the plants in making their production processes more efficient. I am in constant contact with colleagues and suppliers. There is no routine in my job. Every project means a new challenge. You always have to get new information, rethink the technology, weigh up and try things out."

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