Let’s put a lid on it! – Putting an end to polio together

Employees at the Jokey plants in Wipperfürth and Gummersbach have been supporting the regional collection of the Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband (BAV) for three years - they collect caps from beverage containers, the proceeds of which are used to support the “End Polio Now” project and finance polio vaccinations worldwide. The polio virus (poliomyelitis) is a highly contagious infectious disease that mainly affects children under the age of five and can lead to polio.

Lives can be saved with the plastic lid of a beverage bottle. The lids are made of recyclable HDPE or PP plastics, both high-quality recycled raw materials. Already 500 collected lids yield about 1kg of material and this amount is enough to cover the cost of one polio vaccination with the sale. The polio virus affects a person's central nervous system, has no cure, and causes paralysis and sometimes death. Since humans are the only natural host and thus the only known reservoir of the virus, eradication through vaccination is possible. Since the start of the “Lids against Polio” campaign in August 2014, an additional 1,358,471 oral vaccinations have already been financed together with many committed participants. With the help of further donations, this number could be increased to a total of 4,075,413 by July 2020.

Originally, the polio virus was distributed worldwide. The declared goal is to finally break the polio virus infection chains in the remaining two countries where the virus is endemic by 2023. The Jokey plants in Wipperfürth and Gummersbach have already registered as a collection point with the Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband (BAV) in 2019. Corporate Social Responsibility, i.e. consistently sustainable corporate management, as well as the promotion of material cycles are part of the corporate DNA of the Jokey Group. Jokey employees were able to impressively demonstrate how much this sustainable commitment is practiced by the staff: To date, they have managed to fill more than one big bag (estimated at approx. 1.2 t) with several hundred thousand caps. Through their efforts, they were able to actively support a sustainable recycling program and, with the caps they collected, also get involved in preventive polio vaccination protection!

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