Jokey Group implements sustainability courses in all 15 plants

The Jokey Group, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging, has once again significantly expanded its sustainability strategy. At the end of April, a comprehensive strategy paper entitled “The Future beyond Tomorrow – Our Sustainability Course to 2030” was rolled out in all Jokey plants. In addition to the Jokey Eco Concept, which is now in its third generation, it also contains concrete objectives for sustainability in all relevant fields of action.

WWF Germany accompanies the upcoming change process

Against the backdrop of the transformative cooperation and partnership with WWF Germany signed in summer 2021, executives of the Jokey Group have put previous sustainability activities to the test in joint working groups. In the process, the need for further action was identified as well as short, medium and long-term targets defined. With its sustainability programmes Jokey Eco Concept 3.0 and Sustainability Course 2030, the company wants to set further milestones on the path to climate neutrality in order to achieve the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement in the long term.

"Every year, Earth Overshoot Day moves further forward. In 2021, humankind had already used up the earth's natural resources that can be restored within one year on 29 July," emphasises Jens Stadter, CEO of the Jokey Group. "Jokey is committed to transformation that is urgently needed due to advancing climate change, dwindling resources and a decline in biodiversity. We are pursuing ambitious goals with our sustainability course. We want to set the course now and take all employees but also all actors along the value chain with us on our transformative path."

The sustainability goals are binding for all 15 jokey plants in all 12 countries. The implementation is carried out gradually and is accompanied by specially established staff units that are responsible for economic, environmental, and social impact management. “We have been making our products fit for the circular economy for 30 years”, emphasises Michael Schmitz, Sustainability Officer of the Jokey Group. “Our eco-design guidelines and the use of post-consumer recyclates help to close loops further. We now need to systematically and consistently reduce our footprint in order to leave a habitable planet for future generations as well.”

Jokey promotes a holistic circular economy – also in your own company

By 2030, Jokey wants to be as circular as possible in terms of both the materials used for the production of packaging and in terms of all auxiliary and operating materials used. With the strategy paper that has now been rolled out, all Jokey employees are also called upon to actively develop the sustainability goals in everyday life at Jokey in the focus areas of energy and climate, materials and resources, waste and litter, team culture and biodiversity, and to find creative ways to implement them.

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