As clear as glass

Consumers want to see what they’re buying. Transparent plastic packaging provides a clear view of the contents and can be decorated wonderfully.

Transparent packaging engenders confidence. The consumer can see and judge the product. The product appeals to the buyer directly. We famously eat with our eyes so the sight of delicacies, ice cream, sweets and other tasty goods is guaranteed to whet the appetite. Even non-food contents are popular in transparent packaging – just think of crayons, paints and other DIY products.

Jokey produces plastic packaging in highly transparent materials – as clear as glass but unbreakable, safe and light. It’s suitable for all contents that can found at the PoS. Translucent packaging is an attractive variant. It is still see-through but comes with an attractive colouring. Translucent packaging appeals to our senses. For example, its colouring can signalise different flavours like lemon, orange and kiwi.

Naturally, both transparent and translucent packaging can be improved with any decorative processes. For small batches, a white background digital print is recommended. For high quality in-mould labelling, partially transparent IML labels keep that important view inside clear.