Many thanks for your donation!

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Jokey Group requested donations rather than gifts. The appeal yielded a grand total of 10,000 Euro. This amount has now been presented to the aid agency World Vision.

World Vision is one of the largest development aid organisations in the world. By promoting self-help, the organisation supports children, families and their environment in the struggle against poverty and injustice. World Vision allows donors to choose the gifts with which they would like to assist the needy. As a result of the Euro 10,000 that was donated, Jokey ordered fifty units of each gift. Thus, fifty families in Burundi will now each receive a cockerel und two hens whose eggs they will be able to sell on the market. 50 water filters will soon ensure clean drinking water in a distressed area and 50 children from poor families will receive materials and clothing for school. The total amount of donations will also cover the costs of 50 fruit tree seedlings, 50 piglets and 50 goats which World Vision will now distribute to children and families in need throughout the world.