On the path to climate neutrality, Jokey seeks cooperation with experts

The Jokey Group continues to work resolutely towards being a climate-neutral company by 2030. In order to keep lowering our CO2 footprint along the way, a consistent focus on maximum energy and resource efficiency is being actively pursued throughout the company. When looking for suitable measures, Jokey also takes advice from knowledgeable experts. For example, ClimatePartner is currently supporting the company in recording the entirety of all relevant CO2 emissions by Jokey plants across the Group. The subsequent joint analysis of the annual balance sheet allows for a precisely tailored implementation and control of suitable CO2 reduction measures.

“We are delighted to have another experienced expert at our side on the path to climate neutrality,” says Tobias Krumm, Energy Management Officer at Jokey. “With this collaboration, we are focusing on science-based reduction targets and moving towards the home stretch of our sustainability strategy laid down in the Jokey Eco Concept. In doing so, we are also increasing our pace to achieve our vision of leading the Jokey Group to true climate neutrality by 2030.” Jokey also sees the targeted CO2 reduction measures as a contribution to the climate protection goal of the Paris Agreement, which, among other things, has made it mandatory for the global community to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels.

Jokey continuously invests in energy-efficient plant technologies

The expanded Jokey Eco Concept 2.0 provides the framework for increasingly strong cooperation with different stakeholders and the common goal of resource conservation, climate protection, and building a circular economy. Since as early as 2007, Jokey has relied on relevant research findings on the subject of energy efficiency improvement to implement concrete measures step by step. These include investments in energy-efficient machinery such as all-electric injection molding machines, compressed air, or refrigeration systems. In 2011, the first photovoltaic plant in Gummersbach went into operation. Two years later, an ISO 50001-certified energy management system was implemented at all German plants as well as at the sites in France, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

Increasing the use of PCR makes a further contribution to lowering the carbon footprint

By 2025, Jokey also aims to further increase the share of post-consumer recyclates (PCR) used in the production of its sustainable packaging for food customers. This can also reduce CO2 emissions during production.

Climate-neutral packaging as a goal – Jokey offers transitional CO2 offsetting for customers

Jokey is working towards climate-neutral packaging in production. Until this can be fully implemented, customers can voluntarily offset CO2 with certificates in sustainable climate projects. These are carried out in accordance with CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) with the Gold Standard seal of approval – the most stringent existing standard for climate protection projects. “This form of offsetting the emissions generated during production is intended as a transitional phase,” Tobias Krumm emphasizes. “But we believe that on the path to the long-term goal of climate neutrality, every single step towards reducing our ecological footprint already counts.” When selecting suitable climate protection projects, Jokey seeks advice from renowned NGOs.                                                                                                                                     

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